Blind Race: Come And Get It review

While listening to the first album or EP that I had to review for the Front Row Report, I wondered to myself “how am I going to know what to write?” But after listening to the Come And Get It EP by Blind Race it all started to come together. This EP captures the various talents and aspects of a nominee for \’Best Ontario Metal Act\’ at the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards. The first track, “Hypocrite” draws you in right off the bat with a brief pulsation of drums. Leading into a fast guitar rift and into the vocals by their lead singer Tommy Geraldes. This song really shows the evolution from the more grunge and alternative band previously showcased in there album \’Seeing Red\’ into a more appealing heavier metal side of rock. From the first track to the title track “Come and Get It”, which was released as a free download on group\’s Facebook Page on October 14th. A heavier, more utilized bass drum from drummer Stelios sets the tempo for this song. The face paced nature of the first two songs leaves the listener wondering what will come next. What happens next is a perfect culmination and development of what happened in Seattle when Alice in Chains began there phenomenal career and showed the world grunge. I just dared myself to tell the truth of what I felt when I listened to the next two tracks, “Hopeless” and “Truth or Dare.” Being compared to the likes of Alice in Chains sets the bar even higher for Blind Race. The musical introductions and guitar solos in these two songs really illustrates where the group came from and shows that they have not forsaken where they started. The last song on the EP, “Gone,” is one minute and forty-five seconds worth of pure acoustic greatness. Many people know that with acoustic music there are many things that you need and lead singer Tommy Geraldes\’ voice is so pure and smooth it just makes you want to keep listening. I found myself disappointed after hearing this last track. Not that the EP was disappointing but I wanted to hear more of this acoustic set as it drew me in even more to the album and the band Blind Race. I would encourage anyone to take the time to check out the Come And Get It EP as you will find yourself quickly drawn in. For all our Canadian readers, Blind Race is set to have a Halloween and EP Release Party at The Rivoli in Toronto, Ontario on Friday, October 31st. 8/10