Blazin’ With Bobby Black – former High Times editor – joins Cannabis Radio

Former High Times senior editor and columnist Bobby Black is about to join fellow pot personalities Tommy Chong, Ngaio Bealum, Kyle Kushman, Russ Bellville, Vivian McPeak, Dr. Dina and others as the newest member of the Cannabis Radio family as a new, longer version of his potcast Blazin’ With Bobby Black relaunches on the network this month.

“I’m incredibly honored to be joining the ranks of such illustrious pot stars and look forward to working alongside my new colleagues both on the air and at upcoming cannabis events everywhere.”

Black began hosting Blazin’ in January 2016 when he was approached by startup network Revolver Podcasts shortly after announcing the end of his 21-year tenure at High Times. The show developed a loyal following, but despite positive feedback and a number of prominent guests (e.g. Tommy Chong, Doug Benson and Boo Williams), it had trouble gaining traction with a wider audience—due in part, says Black, to being the only cannabis-related content on a predominantly latino network.

“I’m very grateful to the folks at Revolver for the opportunity and all of their support… but ultimately, it just wasn’t the ideal home for me,” says Black. “Cannabis Radio is where Blazin’ belongs.”

As part of the reboot, Black will be doubling the length of the show to a full hour and adding a few new segments, including The Burndown (a quick recap of the week’s top pot headlines), Trumpocalypse Now (a commentary on the embattled Trump administration), and Rockin’ Reviews (reviewing cannabis-related products, music, films and events).