Blanca: Who I Am review

Blanca Callahan made a name for herself with Christian pop/dance group Group 1 Crew, spending 10 years with them. Enter 2015 and she’s ventured out on her own, trying her luck as a solo artist and, with her debut EP- Who I Am she’s off to an impressive start.

At just five tracks, we see what Blanca can do when on her own and, to say she delivers would be an understatement. Although the EP is only five tracks, it speaks volumes at every inch.

The title alone- Who I Am­- says it all. This is Blanca as a singer, a lyricist, a performer, an artist and a woman. It’s a bit of a separation, musically, from her work with Group 1 Crew.

While G1C is higher octane, in your face dance music, Blanca’s solo work is more pop-oriented and showcases her vocals at a very high level. There’s even a luau vibe on a few tracks

Musically we see her slowing it down more than she did with G1C, which benefits her and pays dividends for her. For a solo debut, Who I Am is perfect- it’s not too long for a debut and keeps you wanting more after finishing the listen- a great way to lead into an eventual full-length.

From the very beginning it’s clear she’s here to make a statement. And with a spot on this year’s Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, there’s no stopping her and it’s only the beginning for Blanca. Look out world, her she comes and she isn’t stopping until she gets to the top.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards