Blacklist Union: Til\’ Death Do Us Part review

Blacklist Union featuring Tony West may be the best band you aren’t familiar with. Formed by West 10 years ago, the band has had an impressive career and their latest record, Til’ Death Do Us Part, is yet another chapter. West has lived a life that’s been the epitome of a rock star- having grown up on the streets of Hollywood after spending his first 13 years with an abusive father he ran away from home at a very young age. He’s had celebrity relationships (including a marriage to Carol Burnette’s daughter), appearing in National Enquirer and other gossip zines, being banned from The Jerry Springer Show and Court TV and more. Til’ Death Do Us Part is the perfect party rock album- no, not that LMFAO dance crap- real party rock. It’s got elements of southern rock, psychedelic rock and is very Buckcherry-esque in numerous areas and songs. The record gets off to a bit of a rocky start with some distorted vocals that don’t do the record justice but really comes into its own within just a few tracks. Blacklist Union’s Til’ Death Do Us Part is a fun, rocking, guitar-heavy rock album that follows everything rock and roll is about that’s been lost in today’s society- heavy, blistering guitar, insane riffs and hooks, girls, jail and more. If you want a record that rings true to rock and roll, this is the record for you. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards