Black Veil Brides: IV review

Black Veil Brides may be one of the fastest-rising bands in metal today. They have the perfect combination of appeal that you need to make it in today’s music industry and they came around at just the right time.

Their music is catchy enough to be taken seriously and, most importantly, their lyrics are personal enough that they can connect with fans everywhere. Their latest record- Black Veil Brides IV– continues the bands ascent to the top in powerful fashion.

Lead single “Hearts of Fire” was just a preview of what was coming and in no way could have prepared people for the onslaught of awesomeness that awaited them.

Fresh off the heels of last year’s Wretched and Divine, the band have put together an impressive piece of music. It’s tough enough to release an album just a year after releasing one. It’s even harder to do so just a year after releasing a 19-track concept album let alone to make the follow up as incredible as BVB IV is.

There’s a strong underlying religion-based theme in the lyrics when it comes to songs like “Devil in the Mirror,” “Faithless,” “Last Rites” and “Crown of Thorns,” and shows the lyrical maturity of the band and frontman Andy Biersack.

Some songs have an overwhelming metal throwback vibe as well- especially “Goodbye Agony,” which has a strong Metallica-meets-Iron Maiden-meets BVB feel to it and will appeal to not just the BVB Nation but metal fans in general.

In the end, Black Veil Brides have accomplished a lot with Black Veil Brides IV. They’ve proved they can put out a strong product on a quick, consistent basis, they can come off an immensely-successful record to release an even stronger one and, most importantly, they are a force to be reckoned.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards