Black Stone Cherry: Magic Mountain review

It’s that time again. Finally, it’s that time. The masters of modern-day southern rock, Black Stone Cherry are back with their latest offering with Magic Mountain.

Often drawing comparisons to Lynyrd Skynyrd and other southern rock pioneers, Black Stone Cherry have been carrying the flag of the genre with authority and have set the standard for what southern rock should be from here on out.

In the longrun there’s not a lot of new sounds and groundbreaking material for Black Stone Cherry with this record. It’s what you’d expect but just with a little more metal sprinkled in on some parts. Then again, they are on Roadrunner Records, one of the most legendary metal labels in history so you have to expect that to rub off on them in some way.

Opener “Holding on to Letting Go” features one of the most straightforward metal breakdowns the band has ever done right in the middle of the song and it’s more metal than we’ve seen from them yet.

“Bad Luck and Hard Love” has the funky southern rock riff basis that made Black Stone Cherry loved by so many fans while “Runaway” starts out as a beautiful ballad but quickly kicks into a heavy song that shows the true songwriting talent of the band and nails you over the head like an anvil falling from a 10 story building. Expect this to be a big single on radio.

Black Stone Cherry have never been ones to put out the most innovating and gamechanging thing. They brought back southern rock to the masses but they just do what they do best and that’s show up, party, rock out and leave.

If you enjoyed the last few records you’re gonna love Magic Mountain. Black Stone Cherry recognize that it’s all about momentum in today’s music industry and they definitely keep the momentum going and pick up more steam with Magic Mountain. Look for this to be a major success for the band and for them to reach new heights behind this record.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Reggie Edwards