The Black Dahlia Murder – Ritual


by: Jerad Ford\"\"

The Black Dahlia Murders’ fifth and most current release, “Ritual,” will without a doubt keep their fans pleased, sore necked, and bruised in the pits.

A very sharp piece of brutal metal it is. Combined with well-balanced styles of instrumentals and vocals, you have another deadly weapon from Metal Blade Records.

“Ritual” does an excellent job sliding back and forth between dark acoustic strings, outrageous solos and chunks of about every type of heavy metal flesh, and does so very non-intrusively.

\”A Shrine to Madness\” will be a personal favorite having such a brutal drop.

The whole album is a thundering screaming beast. Try and catch it, if you can handle Shannon Lucas\’s double bass.

Rating: 7.5 rotting torsos out of 10.