The Best of Sting DVD review

In the vast history of professional wrestling, few superstars stand apart from the rest of the pack as mega stars and the faces of their promotions. Debating the Mt. Rushmore of professional wrestling the conversation is ongoing but one would be negligent and sorely mistaken not to include WCW star Sting on that list. Sting was the go-to guy for WCW over the years and was considered the face of the company. “The Icon,” over the years he was a steady main eventer and has been the subject of many discussions on what WCW stars could still make a good career if they were to come to the WWE. This is why WWE’s latest DVD release, simply titled The Best of Sting, is a must-have for any WCW fan and wrestling fan alike and it’s a collection that’s well worth the money. Filled with interviews from Sting himself as well as his WCW colleagues and current WWE superstars who grew up idolizing the face-painting vigilante of justice, The Best of Sting goes in-depth about Sting’s career and coming-up in the business. Along with the impressive interview segments, it also showcases hours of the best matches Sting ever had- going as far back to when he teamed with The Ultimate Warrior (before he was known as The Warrior) all the way up to the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro where Sting fought longtime rival Ric Flair in the final main event. Sting’s best rivalries, feuds, vignettes, promos and interviews are highlighted in this DVD collection and it’s been a long time coming. Hats off to WWE for finally releasing a Sting DVD collection and it’s just the beginning of the Sting products they’ll be putting out in the near future. Any Sting diehard fan, WCW faithful and wrestling fanatic needs to pick this one up as soon as it hits stores this month- you won’t regret it. I guess the only thing left to say is…”It’s showtime!” Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards