Benjah- The Breakup

by Reggie Edwards Benjah’s The Breakup is an exciting mix of genres. There’s something on this record for everyone, whether it’s rap, hip hop, reggae, reggaeton or dance. I’m not usually one to like an album of this type, but I was sold from the beginning. \"\" Benjah’s sound is very similar to that of Tobymac, lyrically and musically, which will make him a quick favorite, especially with songs featuring artists like Group 1 Crew. Benjah is no stranger to the music industry as he’s been featured on albums with Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee and more, and there’s no question it shows. I love how positive and straightforward Benjah’s lyrics are. It’s always refreshing to find a Christian artist who can sing about issues that people go through and can relate to. You can also add Benjah to the growing list of Christian rap and hip hop artists who sound very similar to the secular industry. Not lyrically, but musically. The Breakup would fit in well on radio, which is great. The title, The Breakup, isn’t just a title. The album is like a story, as it should be with any record. Benjah takes you on a journey through a breakup, giving you the lows of the initial break up, finding out a girl cheated and was unfaithful and then taking you to the top of the mountain of getting through it by the power of God. This is one album you don’t want to miss out on. If you don’t have it yet, go get it! Rating: 8/10