Ben Draiman: The Past is Not Far Behind review

When the name Draiman comes up in conversation, most metalheads automatically think of David Draiman, lead vocalist of metal titans Disturbed. His voice is as powerful as they come but another Draiman is about to make his mark on the music world, David’s brother, Ben Draiman.

Ben Draiman’s latest EP, The Past is Not Far Behind, showcases exactly why he deserves to be in the conversation and is one of the top emerging musicians.

Rather than the hard rock/metal approach of David, Ben takes the more intricate, softer rock sound that sucks you in and hits right to the heart.

The rock aspect is definitely there, though. Many of the songs feature a very heavy piano influence and use with a blistering guitar blasting out of nowhere to put you into a rock and roll coma and resuscitate you with the powerful voice that can only run in the Draiman family.

A handful of songs use a symphonic classical violin influence that will hypnotize you, only to get your blood running again with more pounding rock guitar.

The Past is Not Far Behind can only be criticized in that it should be much longer and you’ll want more of it upon completion. The record is well-produced, beautifully composed and a musical portrait of Draiman’s life and heart.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards