Belzebass: Welcome to Hell review

There’s no doubt in the world that EDM is taking over the music world. It’s becoming more and more overwhelmingly popular and there are a huge emerging number of EDM artists and DJ’s trying to make their mark.

The hard part as a reviewer and for fans is sifting through the garbage out there to find the good artists. Sometimes it can be hard to do but Belzebass is one of those EDM artists who fans of the genre must check out.

Their short release, Welcome to Hell, is sure to make EDM fans geek out and spend hours upon hours zoning out to it.

With three epic, rave-worthy tracks including “Back in Black” and “Welcome to Hell” that will get your blood pumping, Belzebass are bound to become one of the top EDM artists out there.

Welcome to Hell is short and sweet, hypnotic, dark, sinister and beautiful all in one.

Rating: 8/10

-Reggie Edwards