Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse team up to kill and sacrifice Indy

2014 saw the return of Polish extreme metallers Behemoth. It wasn\’t just a return, though, it was a second coming if there ever was one. Releasing The Satanist- their first studio full length since 2009, Behemoth catapulted their way to the top of everyone\’s album of the year lists and made their beastly mark on the metal world. They\’ve since hit the road with Cannibal Corpse for a co-headline tour and they\’ve brought Aeon and Tribulation along for support on a tour that adds up to equal a night of devilish metal that\’s sure to rock the sheer hell out of anyone who attends. Don\’t worry, though- if you attend, that hell is in good hands. The tour made a pit stop in Indianapolis at the Egyptian Room recently and the turnout was impressive with over 1,000 tickets sold for the show. Tribulation set the stage for the rest of the evening, playing a set that blew everyone away. Straight out of Sweden, Tribulation may not have been known by the fans in Indy but by the time they wrapped things up, their legion of fans had grown immensely and was undeniable. Their stage presence was ridiculously impressive and they knew exactly how to hold the fans in the palm of their hands and control them with every word and movement. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse Co Headline Tour in Indy/Tribulation/\”] Look out for Tribulation because their third album- The Children of the Night comes out in a few months and you won\’t be able to stop them. Aeon was next up and they took the energy left from Tribulation and crushed it in every way. While Tribulation was very melodic, Aeon was more in-your-face death metal and they dug the graves for everyone in attendance, pushed them in, buried them alive and there was no coming back. The devil horns were raised, the heads were banging and there was no saving anyone from what was coming their way if they survived Aeon. Those who did survive Aeon would most likely not make it much further into the show, though- metal gods Cannibal Corpse were up next and it was best for those in attendance to just let Cannibal Corpse have their way with them. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse Co Headline Tour in Indy/Aeon/\”] And that\’s exactly what happened. Cannibal Corpse took the stage and demanded everything from the crowd. They demanded the loudest screams, the most devil horns and, if they didn\’t get what they wanted, they were prepared to KILL. Luckily, though, the crowd was loud enough and, as frontman Corpsegrinder put it, they could “live a little longer HAHA.” With this being a co-headline show, Cannibal Corpse played about equal time as Behemoth, who took the stage next to finish off the night and feast on the remains of those left in the crowd. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse Co Headline Tour in Indy/Cannibal Corpse/\”] They took the stage for what wasn\’t just a concert, it was an experience and a ceremony. Frontman Nergal came front and center with each hand holding a flaming torch. As he knelt before the crowd as they roared with approval for the devilment to begin. That was the most peaceful part of the show too, as they ripped into “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer,” which had so much intensity it was other-worldly. Behemoth had come to Indy and they weren\’t leaving until they\’d completely devastated everyone in the crowd and taken their souls with them. It was truly like watching a beast incarnate blasted straight from Hell- not that Hell could hold Behemoth. From the beginning of the first song all the way through the end notes of “O Father O Satan O Sun!” there was no denying the power and sheer velocity of Behemoth. They always have been and always will be one of the best live bands in all of metal. If you haven\’t been to a Behemoth show yet, get your ass to the next one that hits your city or one near you. Then, when you get there, get on your knees, bow down, ask father Satan for forgiveness and then stand in awe of one of the greatest metal bands around today. -review by Reggie Edwards, photos by Ashley Adcox [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse Co Headline Tour in Indy/Behemoth/\”] Pre-show interview with Inferno of Behemoth: Post-show interview with Tribulation: