Becoming The Archetype announces return with new album

BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE are back with their first album in since 2012\’s I AM. The band will release Children of the Great Extinction on Solid State Records on August 26. Pre-order it here. Not only is the band returning from an extended hiatus but Jason Wisdom also returns to the vocal helm. The band has also shared the video for \”The Lost Colony.\” Watch it here. \”The task of creating a new album after 10-plus years away from the band felt very daunting for me, to say the least,\” says Wisdom. \”It’s not a matter of creating new music. I\’ve written and released more than 50 songs in the past decade with other projects. The real difficult part was the idea of trying to recapture the true spirit of Becoming the Archetype.\” The singer knew he had to get into a mindset, a mode, a zone. He continues, \”Nostalgic fans have expectations that are impossible to meet. Those of us in the band have unique life stories that we bring to the table after all of this time apart — we have grown in different ways as people and creatively. So when we finally set out to accomplish this \’comeback\’ album, we all agreed that this needs to feel like what people remember when they think of BtA. Other than that, we just did like we always used to — we chased the sounds we like.\” He finishes, \”We hope that old fans will listen and feel like they\’re visiting an old friend after many years. At the same time, we hope that new fans will discover something that is fresh and feels current.\” 10 years since their last release, Becoming the Archetype will issue their sixth full-length offering, Children of the Great Extinction with a core lineup comprised of the aforementioned Wisdom [vocals/bass], Seth Hecox [guitar/keyboard/vocals], and Brent \”Duck\” Duckett [drums]. The album is a cinematic trip bolstered by soaring clean vocals, technically proficient instrumentation, and a fascinating sci-fi concept. \”Thematically, it reflects the reality of our current humanitarian situation,\” shares Hecox. \”Existential dread pervades our existence. People have experience with real monsters in addition to facing our own mortality. These things are evident not only in metal culture, but greater culture as well. We touch upon all of this as well as the possibility of redemption and salvation from those terrors.\” In 2005, Becoming the Archetype arrived with Terminate Damnation — a hybrid of tech, death, and progressive metal underpinned by deep themes. They further captivated fans with The Physics of Fire in 2007. For Dichotomy a year later, they teamed up with the legendary Devin Townsend [Strapping Young Lad] behind-the-board as producer and served up anthems like the title track featuring Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter. Along the way, they packed shows touring with legendary bands like Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Demon Hunter, Zao, The Chariot, and more. In 2011, the band partnered with producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Chariot) to unleash their most progressive album, Celestial Completion — the last album to feature Jason and \”Duck\”—until now. The members always remained close, but 2020 saw them reunite to begin crafting new material what would become Children of The Great Extinction with producer Nate Washburn (My Epic) in Atlanta. According to Jason Wisdom, \”This new album isn\’t just about making more music, but about re-capturing the original artistic spirit of the band. Children of the Great Extinction is not just another BtA album. It is a fully realized vision of Becoming the Archetype that we’ve always wanted to put forth.\” Wisdom sums it up best, saying, \”When you hear it, I hope you think, \’Becoming the Archetype is back!\’\” CHILDREN OF THE GREAT EXTINCTION TRACK LISTING: \”The Dead World\” \”The Lost Colony\” \”The Remnant\” \”The Calling\” \”The Phantom Field\” \”The Awakening\” \”The Hollow\” \”The Ruins\” (Feat. Ryan Clark) \”The Curse\” \”The Sacrament\”