BeBe Winans- America America

by Samantha Pounds Gospel music fans brace yourselves! Gospel artist and former Sunday’s Best judge, BeBe Winans is back on the music scene\"\" with another CD to get our country in the patriotic spirit! America America will not only get you into the patriotic spirit as the summer holidays come, but it will also get you in the praise and worship spirit also. One of my personal favorite songs on the CD is Winans’ personal rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The Black National Anthem is sung with a personal touch from Winans which not only showcases his vocal ability, but his patriotism for our country. If you’re looking for a familiar patriotic song to play during the holidays, listen to “America The Beautiful” as this song offers an up-tempo sound, yet it reminds you of the original song. Every song on America America will have a place in your heart. Our soldiers fighting on our behalves will especially enjoy “Ultimate Sacrifice” which tells the story about how a sacrifice is made every day in the fight to save lives. Winans also offers some original songs such as “We’re The United States,” in which many Americans can enjoy as it will get you in the patriotic spirit for Independence Day! Although this CD provided a different sound for the gospel vocalist, it just proved that Winans is a true vocalist as he can expand to different genres while still holding true to his gospel roots. Even if you are not a gospel music fan, but you are a true American supporter, this CD will truly spark an interest for you. If you are just simply looking for some great music to play during the summer holidays, America America will be the perfect CD as it offers patriotism, originality and an unforgettable sound from Mr. Winans himself. Rating: 7/10