Barren Womb: The Sun\’s Not Yellow, It\’s Chicken review

Norwegian noise mongers Barren Womb may have only been together now for two short years and consist of a mere two members- guitarist & vocalist Tony Gonzahl and drummer Timo Silvola- but the pair make as much noise as an asteroid hitting the planet and leave just as much destruction behind. The band was founded in Trondheim, Norway in 2011 and after a handful of successful singles and EP’s, they are set to release their first full length for Spartan records on March 11th entitled The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken. The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken was recorded by Ole Spangrud of Morkemakt at Better Than Your Fucking Studio studios, was mixed by the band and should receive an award just based on the title of the studio it was recorded in. It is quite obvious from whimsical titles like “Assmasters of Reality,” “Zombies Never Go Out Of Style” and “Only Rainman Doesn’t Change,” that they don’t take themselves entirely seriously, but don’t be fooled by the playful titles. The album is a brutal audio assault on the senses, with each song blending into the next and leaving absolutely no room for filler of any kind. The album opens strong with lead single “Kill Hicks.” It’s a razor sharp blending of punk and hardcore that cuts like a straight razor to the jugular, drawing first blood. At the same time, second single “Will You Be God’s Art or Satan’s Graffiti” is the perfect combination of Kyuss and Foo Fighters with a galloping riff and sing along chorus similar to “Everlong.” “Evil Prevails” and “Live Fast, Die” are short, but sweet old school punk jams in the vein of Cro-Mags or Circle Jerks, that hit loud and fast, like a passing F5 tornado while “Only Rainman Doesn’t Change” has a bass line that could have been laid down by Les Claypool of Primus and features blast beats faster than the speed of light. Tracks like “Nabrok” and “Nexus Diplomis” are driven by the insidious riffs and raw emotive vocals of the Melvins or Mr. Bungle that hits so fucking hard, you’ll feel like you kissed a freight train. “Obi-Wan Chernobyl” is a vicious animalistic attack reminiscent of Crucifucks or Crumbsuckers that bites down hard, tearing flesh from bone while “From Robot Jobs to Robot Homes” is a no holds barred rocker with an athemic No Means No gang chorus. “Bong Aqua” is a moody and somewhat melancholy instrumental inspired by bong water and weed, that serves as a quiet moment of introspective reflection and “Zombies Never Go Out Of Style” sounds like it was performed by the Faith No More jazz ensemble that is unlike anything else on the album and ends a million miles away from where it began. “Assmasters of Reality” is akin to what you might get if Henry Rollins was the frontman for Queens of the Stone Age and closer “Segway to Heaven” is a nine minute monstrosity that ends the album in epic fashion. Here’s the bottom line- If you like Refused, Turbonegro or The Stooges you owe it to yourself to give Barren Womb a try as they are carrying the torch for that style of music and are set to be the next big thing. Rating: 8/10 -Eric Hunker