Barren Earth: On Lonely Towers review

A vocalist change can be hard for any band to recover from. If it happens too early in a band\’s career, it can be tough. When it happens after a band has built a reputation up, it can be almost fatal for them. But after a second album and going into a third record, it can put a band in an interesting sense of limbo. That\’s exactly where Barren Earth were at leading into their third full-length, On Lonely Towers. Luckily, though the band has recovered and done so in powerful fashion too. On Lonely Towers is one of the band\’s strongest efforts and perhaps the changes they\’ve undergone have inspired them to fight for their lives, so to say. Opening with an emotional and dramatic intro in “From The Depths of Spring,” it\’s clear this is going to be a fun listen- hell, the intro alone captures you, ties you up and won\’t let you go until you\’ve paid your dues. Though just nine songs, the album is still a lengthy one as there are two 11 minute songs and four more at 7-plus minutes. Barren Earth also uses more clean vocals than on previous releases but not too much- they balance everything beautifully and perfectly and won\’t push away any of their dedicated fans. If you want an album where a band does exactly what their capable of musically and more, On Lonely Towers is that album- and it\’s out now! Go out, buy it, buy it again and play it over and over again until your brain can\’t take it anymore- then listen to it again. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards