Bakken- Death of a Hero review


by Reggie Edwards

Death of a Hero, the latest from metal outfit Bakken is an interesting album to say the least.

With all the sounds and instrumental quality you’d get from the metal big dogs, Death of a Hero screams metal. This band has everything they need to musically make it to the top of the ranks.

The vocals, however not bad, are overshadowed by the music. Whether it was a production issue or just that the band didn’t sing loud enough while recording, you just can’t hear the vocals hardly at all.

This is a shame because the vocals don’t sound to be too bad, if you could just hear the vocals- this could be a great album.

I’m not gonna bash Bakken because they seem to have the potential to really do something special. I think if they really work on the production quality and don’t put out something super over-produced, they could really make some noise in the metal community.

Rating: 7/10