Axewound- Vultures

\"\" by Hans Jaeger AxeWound, the so-called super group, is dropping their freshman album in just a few short days. The band consists of Mathew Tuck (Bullet for my Valentine) on guitar, Liam Cromier (Cancer Bats) providing vocals, Mike Kingswood(Glamour of the Kill) on guitar, Joe Copcutt (Rise to Remain) on bass and Jason Bowld (Pitchshifter) on drums. At first glance the album comes across as an exercise in thrash metal. On further consideration I began noticing the album is well-layered and has excellent pace From the intro, “Vultures,” it is clear from the start that this is a thrash album, filled to the brim with fast-paced catchy rhythms. I enjoyed that in many moments throughout the album you have low points that almost feel like a moment to reflect on the rest of the album. The one downside I have to say about this album is it feels a little repetitive at times. You hear the same set up through most of the songs on the album. It feels like a mold that different materials are poured into and each one cast another song. The most notable point of this album is Jason Bowld on drums. He does amazing throughout. From intense fast-paced blast beats to more technical drum fills. The Last song on the album opens to him soloing for a moment, followed by bass as the song builds to a shift in pace and moment. Overall this is a memorable freshman serving. With a bit of variety thrown in on the next serving I believe this band could be a very fun thrash metal band. 8/10