Avril Lavigne returns with Backstreet Boys tour

After a lengthy absence from the road, Avril Lavigne is back on tour in support of her latest release- a self-titled effort that encapsulates every sound the punk princess has utilized over her career thus far. When you’re away for as long as Lavigne has been, it’s vital to pick the right tour to embark on and she’s done just that, joining the Backstreet Boys on the latest leg of their In a World Like This World Tour. Playing just a short 7-8 song set, it’s the perfect way to ease back into the touring lifestyle. Life on the road can be rough, grueling and one of the most physically demanding jobs around so it’s important not to do too much and a short set list is the best way to give the fans a taste of the biggest songs of Lavigne’s career while not exhausting too much of herself right away. Lavigne took the stage at Noblesville/Indianapolis’ Klipsch Music Center decked out in true Avril Lavigne fashion- a black skeleton t-shirt with a black tie, black tutu, knee-high black socks and Chuck Taylors- it was like the early 2000’s all over again. She blazed through hits “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” “What The Hell,” “Girlfriend,” “My Happy Ending,” “Don’t Tell Me,” “Sk8r Boi,” “I’m With You” and “Complicated,” all the while giving fans a run for their money and giving them exactly what they’d paid for. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Backstreet Boys In A World Like This World Tour/Avril Lavigne/\”] Lavigne used every inch of the stage, catering to everyone in the audience and displaying true showmanship by talking to the crowd in between songs and proving exactly why she’s been a mainstay amongst fans for so long. After Lavigne finished up her impressive set, it was time for the guests of honor- the Backstreet Boys, who haven’t lost a step in the 21 years they’ve been together. They opened up with “The Call” and breezed through an impressive two hour set that included hits “Incomplete,” “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” “The One,” “I Want it That Way,” “As Long As You Love Me,” “Quit Playing Games With My Heart,” “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely,” “We’ve Got It Goin’ On,” “Shape of My Heart,” and encores “Backstreet’s Back” and “Larger Than Life.” They also surprised the crowd with an acoustic set where they played an a capella rendition of “Drowning” along with “Madeleine” and “1000 Promises,” all the while playing instruments- which they joked was a once in a lifetime thing for fans to see that a boy band was playing instruments. They joked throughout the set off and on about how they knew the real reason for the guys in the crowd- referencing all the pretty ladies in attendance. AJ Maclean also said they’d keep doing what they do for another 21 years- even if they break a hip, it’s all good he said. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Backstreet Boys In A World Like This World Tour/Backstreet Boys/\”] Joking about playing instruments they said they’re just getting smarter in their old age and that in 20 more years they know they won’t be able to “shake it,” prompting Howie D to get up and proceed to “shake it” while the rest of the guys played an acoustic rendition of Mystikal’s “Shake Ya Ass” as the crowd cracked up laughing. They really know how to work a crowd and make the audience and fans get comfortable with them and have the time of their lives. Their stage production was top notch as well, featuring a giant LED stage that showed the same scenic pictures as the LED screen behind them. All in all, if you get a chance, go check out the Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne on tour right now. The trek is still going strong so, even if you’re not a fan of either act or if it just “isn’t your thing,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much fun the show is. But if you are a fan of either group, you’ll be in heaven and experiencing the biggest flashback ever. -Reggie Edwards