August Burns Red: Rescue & Restore review

\"RescueThere comes a time in most bands’ careers when they feel like pushing the envelope. When August Burns Red started talking about their upcoming new record, they said they would be pushing the limits of their genre as far as they could and, after listening to Rescue & Restore, it’s clear they weren’t messing around.

This record has it all and it’s something we’ve come to expect from August Burns Red over the years. Lyrically, it’s evident as always what this band stands for and shows the band taking on some of the strongest subjects head on and apologizing to no one; musically this is one of their strongest and most complete albums yet and production-wise this is right up at the top for the band.

They’ve definitely pushed the limits of their genre, going more toward a straight metal sound than before but still keeping enough familiar elements that they won’t alienate their longtime fans.

Rescue & Restore has got to be one of the most complex, diverse and strongest efforts yet from August Burns Red while old and newfound fans alike will find something to love in the album.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards