August Brodie Shares New Single \”Playing For Keeps\”

Ontario based genre-bending artist August Brodie has excitedly shared his new single \”Playing For Keeps\” today, making it the fifth offering from the artist this year. Set to a soundtrack of alternative rock blending with pop influences, \”Playing For Keeps\” depicts the stage at the end of a volatile relationship when it becomes too toxic to maintain. Fans can check out their new summer anthem now at
\”I\’ve had relationships where it gets to the point where both sides become vindictive towards each other by trying to make the other love them even if they can\’t do so themselves, and all so that they can come out on top,\” August shares on his inspiration behind \”Playing For Keeps\”. \”To me it\’s just such a dark and twisted thing to do to someone who you once loved, to have it become a competition for the remainder of each other\’s heart in the end, but it happens. With lyrics like \’I need your love – even though I won\’t love again\’, the song tries to capture that emotional conflict.\”
August Brodie is a Canadian solo artist with a modern sound that blends pop-punk, hip-hop, and alt-rock styles to create unique emotion-filled anthems. Touching on themes about relationships, love and loss, and coming of age, August Brodie\’s lyrical content and melodic approach creates a nostalgic yet refreshing soundscape for the listener.
Originally starting out as a hip-hop artist, August developed a talent for wordplay and flow that helped him quickly gain traction in the music scene. August has since transcended his sound to embrace inspirations of 2000\’s emo and pop-punk styles, while still keeping his hip-hop influenced edge and lyricism.
After recently reaching over one million streams on Spotify, August Brodie is quickly gaining momentum as well as a passionate fan base. With several new singles on tap and a debut project in the works the future is bright for this young artist.