The Attitude Era: Vol. 2. DVD review

WWE has gone through a few eras during its long and rich history. There’s The Golden Age, Ruthless Aggression and the current PG Era. The most popular amongst many fans, however, is the Attitude Era. Not too long ago, WWE released The Best of The Attitude Era on DVD to commemorate some of the most popular and loved promos, interviews and matches. That particular era was so long and included so many memorable events that in 2014, they released volume 2. Attitude Era Vol. 2 takes a different approach from Vol. 1. Since volume 1 took care of the documentary, this one is focused mainly on matches- and there’s plenty of gold that didn’t make it onto the first installment. Featured in between matches are interviews with some of the biggest names from the era in which they talk about their gimmicks, characters and the events they were part of. The Godfather, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Gerald Brisco, Patt Patterson and others all talk about the infamous actions of the era. The Brood’s bloodbaths, the “kiss heard around the world” between Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, Crash Holly winning the Hardcore title by interfering in a match between Patterson and Brisco, the Evening Gown Match between Patterson and Brisco, Steve Austin fighting Vince McMahon with one hand tied behind his back, Mark Henry’s sex therapy sessions, Al Snow and Sgt. Slaughter for Snow’s career and more are all included on the 3-disc set, which lasts 6 hours. This one is a must-have for anyone who loved The Attitude Era and wants to relive it. Many of the matches will bring up memories and other matches you may have forgotten about over the last 14 or 15 years. -Reggie Edwards