Live: Chaos Tour ft. Attila, Chelsea Grin and Sylar

Whether you\’re a diehard Attila fan or enjoy them for their shenanigans, the chaos tour is packed with hardcore madness. With bands such as Chelsea Grin, Emmure, and up and comers Sylar there is a band on this tour for everyone. Sylar, who have become an overnight hit with songs like Dark Daze and Assume kicked off the night. Surprisingly the crowd was super into it even though they\’re still a bit new. The boys owned the stage and definitely made some new fans in Baltimore. Next up was Emmure, who came out and tore the place down as always. It was a bit of a jump from Sylar to Emmure but the crowd went insane. Much to my surprise vocalist Frankie Palmeri sounds exactly the same as he did years ago when I last saw him. For people who grew up on bands like Emmure, seeing them now and hearing them sound that good warms your heart just a little. Chelsea Grin was up next and I will say I\’ve never been the biggest fan of their music, but their live show was a ton of fun. The crowd was super hyped the band had a ton of good energy. I will say vocalist Alex Koehler seemed a little over it, but other than that it was a great set. Lastly, Atilla. First and foremost, I have never really seen Attila live. Maybe in passing once, but I haven\’t watched a full set before. It is basically one big party and it is awesome. At one point during the show, the music stopped so the band could set the venue record for most crowd surfers, which they did and it was hilarious. Then when it came time to play Payback they asked the crowd who knew every word to the song to come up and sing it with him. They chose a local vocalist out of the crowd and let me tell you, this kid killed it. He kept right up with Fronz and added his spin on it. It was super cool to see them do that. Overall whether or not you\’re an Attila fan or not, the chaos tour is one hell of a time. It\’s basically a big party with bands you haven\’t heard since you were in high school (depending on your age) and a new up and comer that will soon be your favorite band. I highly recommend catching it on your local date.   \"images\"       \"download\"   \"download\"