Ashestoangels reveal new video \’Not In My Name\’ ahead of album release

Goth rockers Ashestoangels have unveiled a new video, the politically themed \’Not In My Name\’. The video is based around the metaphor of \’Blood on your hands, you can never clean\’ and depicts a young couple locked in battle, with tragic results.

Vocalist Crilly explains: \”Not in my name. It\’s a powerful statement. I think it\’s important to say this is not an omission of guilt. It is a rejection of all the horrible things that are done by those we trusted to protect us, on a global scale, a national scale and in our day to day life.  When taking away tents and blankets is seen as a solution to homelessness you know something is wrong. When we refuse to support the same people we have displaced you know something is wrong. I feel like by not speaking out then I am being complicit through inaction. It may just be a punk rock song, but words have power and if I can use that to make even the smallest difference, then I have too. I won\’t be complicit through inaction.Things may carry on regardless, but not in my name.\” You can watch the video below:

The release of \’Not In My Name\’ comes as Ashestoangels prepare to unleash album \’How To Bleed\’ on the 15th of April 2016. \’How To Bleed\’ is Ashestoangels most mature album to date, and shows real progression both musically and lyrically. The album was recorded on location at Hell\’s Half Acre in Seattle with Aiden frontman William Control. From the devilishly delightful first single Find Hell, to fan anthem Horror Cult and delicate ballad Ghost In The Machine, prepare yourselves for the ride of your life!

You can pre-order \’How To Bleed\’ on the Ashestoangels Big Cartel which includes a lot of exclusive packages including t shirts, handwritten lyrics, singing lessons with Crilly, necklaces and more. The album is also available to pre-order on iTunes and comes with an instant download of Horror Cult.