Review: From Ashes To New- Day One

From Ashes To New are coming into rock and metal at a tough time. It\’s hard for new bands to really gain the traction, support and attention needed to make a big impact and make it to the top. However, with tools like Sirius XM Octane, the rise of summer festivals and more established bands taking younger bands out on the road, the right bands can really make a mark on the rock community.

From Ashes To New have exactly what it takes to do this and their full-length debut- Day One– is a prime example of this. They released a short EP last fall right when they went on the road with Papa Roach, In This Moment and Five Finger Death Punch for a massive arena tour and, with those events in place, the dominos started to fall for FATN and the wheels were in motion.

Day One takes you back to the days early Papa Roach, where the lyrics and vocals are fast-enough to have that rap-metal feel but the music hits hard enough to really get you amped. Oh, and there are three vocalists too, which works beautifully.

The album is a well-thought-out and meticulously-strategized metal attack that takes you on an up-and-down ride that is guaranteed to make you lose track of time- you\’ll listen to it on a loop, guaranteed. When it\’s all said and done, From Ashes To New have created a kick-ass, punch-you-in-the-balls rock album that should be in the running for major-label-debut of the year. This is what we all needed and we\’re damn glad to have it.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards