Art of Shock: Open the Cage review

Fans of throwback metal have recently received the latest release that will find itself on repeat in Art of Shock’s Open the Cage EP.

Although a short four-song offering, length means nothing here and Art of Shock have delivered a powerful dose of classic metal.

Opening with “Freaking Out,” we get an up-close picture of what Art of Shock are all about with an 80’s metal vibe in vein of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc.

“Ungrateful” continues the Maiden/Priest aura but add an element of Dokken to the mix, making for a metalicious combination.

“We Don’t Care” is the anthem of the EP, with an infectious chorus and Joan Jett-meets-Halestorm rhythm that will make you press repeat before even getting to closer/title track “Open the Cage,” which is yet another anthem and would make for a great live closer as well.

If the first three songs are the combo that has you on the ropes then closer “Open the Cage” is the roundhouse kick to the head that finishes you off.

Open the Cage is a four-song adrenaline rush with high-pitched vocals that would make Sebastian Bach quiver in his boots. With yet another stellar release, Art of Shock would fit well on tour with any guitar-heavy band such as Halestorm, Volbeat, Danko Jones, etc.

The only criticism is that we want more Art of Shock!

Rating: 8.5/10

-Reggie Edwards