Art Of Dying: Rise Up review

It’s been almost four years since Art Of Dying released their debut record- Vices & Virtues and they made their return earlier this year with a strong EP titled Rise Up. This was just a taste of what was to come as they had already finished up their sophomore full-length of the same name but were waiting to release it. Rise Up is set for a release this weekend and shows a true continuation of where they left off in 2011 and shows them surpassing any and all expectations set before them. The build-up to the album release hasn’t been an easy road in the least bit. Between frontman Jonny Hetherington’s father being diagnosed with cancer to founding guitarist Greg Bradley quitting the band while the band was in the studio, the album title- Rise Up– couldn’t be more fitting and the aggression found in the songs shows the struggle and pain the band was going through at the time. Songs like “Best Won’t Do,” “Rise Up,” “Dead Man Walking,” “Tear Down The Wall,” “Eat You Alive” and “Some Things Never Change” get right up in your face and kick you in the ass over and over again, proving the band means business and are here to rise up to the top and overcome the odds. Then there are songs like “Everything,” which is one of the most beautiful ballads of 2015, “Space,” which shows a strong change of pace mid-record and “Ubuntu,” which is one of the most personal songs the band has written to-date. In the end, Art Of Dying have written one of the strongest and most dynamically powerful records of 2015 and by-far the standout album of their career thus far. Look for huge things from them going forward and watch for them to climb their way to the top of the rock and roll ranks. Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards