Archetypes Collide Share \”My Own Device (After Hours)\”

ARCHETYPES COLLIDE are (re)mixing it up by releasing an alternate version of their latest single! The band has shared the remix of their single \”My Own Device.\” Listen to \”My Own Device (After Hours)\” here. Watch the visualizer here. This synthwave-inspired remix boasts a nostalgic array of \’80s drums. It\’s the kind of vibey jam you want to crank on a late night drive. \”Sometimes I feel like it\’s useless to try to change my habits if I\’m just going to fall back into the same vices,\” says vocalist Kyle Pastor about the song. \”\’My Own Device\’ is rooted in that self-realization that the majority of my struggles in life always seem to trace back to my own doing. It\’s a dark place to dwell in but I do think there\’s value in shining light on my own flaws to give hope to others that might feel the same way.\” Previously, Archetypes Collide shared the video for the new song \”Undertow.\”  Watch the clip, which features the band performing among frenetic lights, here.