Anthrax- Anthems review


by Reggie Edwards

Anthrax are back with the follow up to their critically acclaimed comeback album, Worship Music, with an EP of cover songs, simply titled Anthems.

This marks the final piece of Anthrax work to feature guitarist Rob Caggiano, who left to join Volbeat, and this ranks right up there with the band’s best work.

It just seems to be one impressive release after another from Anthrax, with this collection of covers not being exactly what you’d expect to hear from Anthrax, with the band covering Journey, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy and more, but the band makes each song their own and hits another one out of the park.

From the get-go, it’s clear the band is on their game and they do a great job at keeping the original element of the songs while putting the signature Anthrax stamp on them at the same time.

Rating: 9.5/10

Anthems track listing:

01. “Anthem” (Rush)
02. “Jailbreak” (Thin Lizzy)
03. “TNT” (AC/DC)
04. “Smokin’” (Boston)
05. “Big Eyes” (Cheap Trick)
06. “Keep On Runnin’” (Journey)
07. “Crawl” (album version)
08. “Crawl” (special remix)