Antarctica concert helps Metallica reach unprecedented milestone of playing seven continents in one year

Metallica broke through another barrier yesterday by becoming the first and only band in history to perform concerts on all seven continents in the same year. This past Sunday, December 8th, the multi-platinum, award-winning band brought their live show to Antarctica and performed at a site near the heliport at Carlini Argentine Base, making them the only foreign band to play on the continent. As another first for the band and due to the unique conditions of Antarctica, Metallica performed without amplifiers, broadcasting audio from their career spanning set to the audience members via headphones, much like a silent disco. The audience for this once-in-a-lifetime gig was made up of contest winners from five Latin American countries and the unique setting allowed the band and its fans to participate in an expedition to see the wonders of a place reserved for peace, international cooperation, and science. The show was streamed to residents of all Spanish-speaking Latin American countries last night. See below for video and images from this one-of-a-kind experience. In other Metallica news, their groundbreaking 3D feature film, Metallica Through The Never, directed by award-winning filmmaker Nimród Antal, will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, digitally, and V.O.D. (Video On Demand) on January 28, 2014 through Blackened Recordings. To check out the various formats available and extensive bonus content available, click HERE. The band also recently announced that they will spend the summer touring Europe and as a special tribute to their fans, introduced \”Metallica By Request\”. Fans who purchase tickets online to see the upcoming European dates will be invited to vote on 17 of the 18 slots in the set list; the last being reserved by the band for brand new song. Visit for more information on the voting process and to see a complete list of upcoming live dates.