The Answer raises hell and rocks Wabash

When Whitesnake announced they’d be releasing an album of Deep Purple covers from David Coverdale’s time in the band, fans immediately started talking about seeing the music live. The band has obliged and hit the road in support of The Purple Album. When a band like Whitesnake hits the road, it only makes sense they bring a band out with them that has the same sound. Lately there’s been an influx of new bands who have a retro-sound. Monster Truck, Crobot and The Answer are three of the more popular ones, the latter of which was selected by Whitesnake as their support for The Purple Tour and the two bands recently hit Wabash, Ind.’s Honeywell Center. The night started early with The Answer hitting the stage and it was obvious from the very beginning that Whitesnake’s choice was spot-on. Hailing from Ireland, the four-piece rock outfit wasted no time getting the party started. With fans standing, clapping and dancing in the aisles, the Indiana fans took to The Answer quickly and it wasn’t long before they had everyone standing, rocking out and forgetting where they were. The band was a force to be reckoned with onstage, taking advantage of every inch of the stage. Frontman Cormac Neeson was on fire at the helm, dancing, shaking and refusing to stand still for much of the set, which fed over to the crowd who gave him the same in return. The band refused to let the crowd sit idly by throughout the set. If they saw too many people sitting, they’d up the ante and take the energy up a notch and demanded nothing but energy and adrenaline from the crowd and that’s just what they got. By the end of the set, Neeson was in the crowd, singing, jumping and commanding the crowd’s every move. As hard as it may be to believe, Whitesnake had their work cut out for them. After the party of rock and roll that was The Answer, anyone would have trouble following it up. Nonetheless, Whitesnake took the stage and rocked what little hell was left out of the crowd, sending everyone home exhausted and satisfied. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/The Answer in Wabash/\”]