Another Lost Year- Better Days review/interview

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Another Lost Year may be new to the national rock scene but they definitely know how to write some good stuff. This is clear on their debut album, Better Days. This record is loaded with some very personal songs. I’m always a fan of songs that the writer poured their soul into and wrote from experience. I’m an even bigger fan of these songs when they have me singing along by the end of the song and listening to them on repeat. Better Days isn’t the heaviest album out there. I’d compare it more to the sounds of Seether or a very early Three Days Grace. This is one of the best debut albums of the year so far. The lead single, “War on the Inside,” is an amazing pick for the lead single. If any song will get people interested in Another Lost Year, this is it. “War on the Inside” is a prime example of what you’ll get with Another Lost Year- good, solid, heart-pounding rock. I’m definitely a fan. It seems as if I’m not alone, too. Another Lost Year was voted “2011 Best Band of the Carolinas.” Rating- 8/10 We had a chance to sit down with frontman Clint Cunanan. To hear what he had to say about his inspirations as a writer as well as what we can look forward to from Another Lost Year, click the link below. Another Lost Year Interview: Another Lost Year