American Fangs review

\"American                   by Reggie Edwards American Fangs’ debut, released today (5.14.13) is a debut that has the attitude most debuts lack these days. This up-and-coming band have honed in on what it takes to make an attitude-infused record. Whether it’s a debut or a band’s fourth album, this is the punch rock has been missing. So many bands are writing records designed to make it to radio- there’s nothing wrong with that but there is also a plethora of stellar bands who will never make it onto radio- and they’re just as good if not better. I’m not saying American Fangs won’t be played on radio. In fact, if they don’t its highway robbery based on their self-titled debut. It took a couple listens for me to really feel this album; that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. Upon the first listen you get the feel of a good rock album, then after a few songs it hits you what the band is really capable of. American Fangs have joined the ranks of new bands who are here to take the rock industry by storm. They’re here to stay and there’s nothing you can do about it. Go pick up American Fangs’ self-titled debut and embrace what is guaranteed to be one of the next big things in rock. Rating: 9/10