Alter Bridge: Fortress review

There’s no denying the fact that Alter Bridge are one of the biggest bands on the rock scene right now. Every song they release to rock radio goes straight to the top of the charts and there are numerous reasons for that. See, Alter Bridge are one of those “real rock bands,” meaning they don’t write about bullshit. Fans can relate to their lyrics, rock out to their music and feel every bit of it along the way. Their forthcoming record, Fortress, is no exception and builds on the success of their previous works but takes it to a completely new level. With Fortress we see the band experimenting with different sounds and producing some of the longest songs of their career- there’s some six minute songs on this one, but fans won’t find much of an issue with that, in fact, they should take to it well as each song on this record has that signature Alter Bridge sound, regardless of their experimentations. With as busy as Myles Kennedy has been as has the rest of the band, any fans’ worries will be put to rest as the album hits hard from the beginning and is relentless all the way to the end. Fortess is true Alter Bridge and is everything rock and roll is and should be all about. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards