All That Remains- A War You Cannot Win review


by Philip Coon

All That Remains is a metal core band that has been around for a while and became well known for the breakout album The Fall of Ideals.

The band released their sixth studio album, A War You Cannot Win, on November 6- an album with a completely different sound compared to previous works. The Fall of Ideals was straight up in your face metal with heavy guitar riffs and banging drums. A War You Cannot Win has a different sound for the band, almost a “radio rock” sound that everyone is familiar with.

This album seems like its lacking the intensity that All That Remains are known for, the tracks have more clean vocals and acoustic sounds. 

A War You Cannot Win may attract fans of bands such as Three Days Grace and Shinedown, but old school fans will be disappointed with the new sounds.

Rating: 7/10