All She Wrote: Riven review

Described as offering up a sound that “packs concise riffery and thoughtful arrangements with alluring hooks,” All She Wrote are primed to release their brand new EP, Riven, on Monday 7th of October, and it promises to be one to check out.

Drawing influence from the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Young Guns and Biffy Clyro, All She Wrote have taken their influences and crafted a sound that packs a punch and a sense of fluidity, whilst remaining accessible throughout. Having formed in 2011, All She Wrote instantly hit the ground running, playing live shows across London and garnering critical acclaim from all who heard them. With their single, “Weathered” instantly being lapped up by all who heard it, their rise through the scene has been consistent from the word go, so the release of Riven promises to provide the next step on the ladder for them to continue to progress.

Indeed as Principio sets Riven in motion, there’s no denying the immediate impact of All She Wrote, demonstrating their understanding of melody as well as power through the intro track, before unleashing their full force for “Unjust.” Hammering riffs combined with a powerful rhythm section to craft a sound that’s sure to grab hold of listeners and draw them in to listen further.

Soaring vocals contrast the distorted backing, elevating the track and making it more accessible whilst continuing to push the technical side of the music. With syncopated beats and deep, moving rhythms, the opening moments of the EP do justice to a band who have worked hard to get to the point they’re at.

Moving onto title track Riven the band reveal more complexities, developing their approach to incorporate a further sense of rhythm and melody without allowing themselves to lose sight of their end goal. With the catchy and powerful riffery of the track being the focus, the track almost seems to continue to build the sound around you as you listen through it, developing their sound and approach at every turn. “Weathered” paints a similar picture, combining the distorted riffs and pounding rhythms with an overwhelming sense of calm from the vocals, demonstrating that All She Wrote aren’t just about power, but equally understand the importance of balance.

Closing with “Persona” and “Finis Principio” there’s no doubt left that All She Wrote are a band with a clear understanding of their style and outlook, closing Riven as it began but leaving the listener safe in the knowledge that there are still bands out there, focused on melody and progression rather than sheer brute force.

Rating: 9/10

– Dave Nicholls