Alexz Johnson: Let Em Eat Cake review

Canadian-born singer/songwriter Alexz Johnson has released her latest piece of musical bliss in Let \’Em Eat Cake and it\’s sure to tickle the ears of any music junkie. Johnson has had quite the journey as her career has taken many twists and turns, all of them contributing to a more emotional and beauty-packed album in 2014. As she\’s matured musically and lyrically over the years, she\’s really come into her own as a vocalist and has honed her craft, making for a stronger listening experience. With Let \’Em Eat Cake, Johnson\’s musical career comes full circle with one of the most diverse albums you\’ll hear and if you aren\’t prepared for it, it\’s gonna take you completely by surprise. There\’s some pop, some soul, R&B, dance, hip hop and borderline rock on this record. Not only does it work, but Johnson adapts perfectly to each musical style she uses, her voice getting stronger with each album. When it\’s all said and done Johnson hasn\’t just released a strong album but one of the most impressive, diverse masterpieces of 2014. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards