Alestorm Begin Recording New Album, Sunset on the Golden Age

Today, the next chapter in the ALESTORM tale begins! The band has just arrived at Lasse Lammert\’s LSD-Studio in Lübeck, Germany, to record their 4th full-length album, which will be titled Sunset on the Golden Age. \”This is gonna blow all your expectations as to what an ALESTORM album is all about\” comments Christopher Bowes (vocals/keytar). \”Over the past couple of years we\’ve been writing non-stop, and we\’ve come up with a ton of badass material. Some of this stuff is catchiest pirate party anthems you\’ve ever heard, with choruses that\’ll make you want to raise a pint of rum up high and sing your guts out. And for the fans of the epic stuff, we\’ve got some songs that hit the 10-minute mark, with lyrical themes about historical events and crazy mythological madness. It\’s gonna rule!\” Expect more updates and drunkenness over the coming months, and a release through Napalm Records sometime in the early summer. For More Info Visit: