Air Raid: Point of Impact review

Formed in Gothenburg Sweden in 2009, Air Raid’s sound is misplaced by nearly three decades and is more akin to the NWOBHM from the early 80’s than it is today’s modern metal scene. The band have already released Danger Ahead [EP] in 2011, followed by their first full length Night Of The Axe in 2013 and are now set to drop their second album Point Of Impact via High Roller Records. The band is comprised of Dave Destructor (aka David Hermansson) on battery/drums, Rob Thunderbolt (aka Robin Utbult) on bass, Johnny Nightshredder (aka Johan Karlsson) & Andy Stormchild (aka Andreas Johansson) on guitars and new vocalist Arthur Andersson, who replaced original vocalist Michael Rinakakis last year. Andersson’s soaring powerhouse vocals on tracks like “Bound to Destroy” and “Wildfire” will lead you to wonder how you haven’t heard his name before now and the masterful guitar work and blistering double kick on “Madness,” “The Fire Within” and “Vengeance” is sure to thrill fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, Saxon and Helloween. Elsewhere, tracks like “Victim of The Night” and “We Got the Force” hit with the same destructive impact as a ten ton asteroid, just as the cover depicts, while “Flying Fortress” is a mind bending instrumental that allows the band to take center stage and flex their creative muscles and to showcase their other worldly technical dexterity. Here’s the bottom line- If you like any of the aforementioned bands or are a fan of that vintage 80’s metal sound then Point of Impact is absolutely essential listening. Rating: 9 out of 10 -Eric Hunker