THE AGONIST Reveals Blistering New Single, \”Feast On The Living\”

Canadian extreme melodic death metal juggernaut THE AGONIST takes another bold step in their musical and lyrical progression with their blazing new EP, Days Before The World Wept, out this Friday, October 15, 2021 via Napalm Records! Inspired by real life experiences, Days Before The World Wept explores a grim, conceptual tale of greed, gluttony, confusion, pain, redemption and hope enveloped in a new level of aggression and cohesive, technical prowess. Following up to their dynamic latest single, “Remnants In Time” and its haunting music videoTHE AGONIST is thrilled to reveal the EP\’s second single, \”Feast On The Living\” and another killer video! The certified burner stands tall with rollercoaster clean and gritty vocals, rapid fire drums and needle-sharp guitar leads and solos, cementing the track as one of the most technically meticulous of the band’s career and a forewarning of the band’s more extreme leanings. Frontwoman Vicky Psarakis says about the track and video: \”Everything that could possibly go wrong with this video shoot, well… did, haha. We had a very difficult time finding the right location, so our vision kept changing. Days before the shoot was scheduled to take place we managed to secure the perfect spot and experimenting with all sorts of cool lighting is what took it to the next level! Musically, \’Feast On The Living\’ is a much more straightforward metal track. You\’re 4 songs into the EP, at this point you know exactly what you\’re going to be served and you\’re loving it.\”
Watch the official music video for “Feast On The Living” HERE

Produced by Christian Donaldson (Beyond Creation, Cryptopsy, Despised Icon)Days Before The World Wept packs several albums worth of skill, songwriting prowess and melancholic lyrical mastery into just five tracks – leaving no stone unturned! Opening track “Remnants In Time” begins ominously with ghostly piano lines performed by lead vocalist Vicky Psarakis before slamming into a double bass, one-woman choir explosion rife with needle-precision guitar work by deft guitarists Danny Marino and Pascal Jobin. The death metal burner brings non-stop energy throughout, showcasing Psarakis’ multifaceted vocal attack as she nails searing highs, guttural lows and magical clean passages in one fell swoop. The onslaught continues with the rhythmic soundscapes of cry for salvation “Immaculate Deception”, blending fast paced, aggressive verses with haunting, melodic choruses. “Resurrection” reaches into blackened territory before Psarakis splits it wide open – annihilating with her pinpointed vocal attack calling for rebirth. In addition to Psarakis, Marino and Jobin, dexterous drums from Simon McKay and the bass attack of Chris Kells lead the listener through metallic melodic passages topped with emotive poetry before breaking into the next track, “Feast On The Living”. It stands tall with rollercoaster clean and gritty vocals, rapid fire drums and blazingly precise guitar leads and solos, cementing the track as one of the most technically meticulous of the entire offering. Shifting into fifth gear, title track “Days Before The World Wept” brings it all home, beginning with a beckoning acoustic introduction before roaring in with intense blastbeats, polyrhythms and bellowing screams. THE AGONIST pulls out all the stops, showcasing their chops in all directions with breakneck instrumentation and staggeringly superb vocal approaches. Soaring through a kaleidoscope of blistering metal mastery and hopeful lyrical dramatism, the opus dominates as one of the most impressive works of the band’s catalog.


Psarakis adds about Days Before The World Wept: “There\’s a lot I could say about this EP and its importance to the band, but does it matter? Obviously, this is the part where I tell you these are the best songs we\’ve put out to date. Honestly – it\’s a journey. You\’re either gonna reach the end and want to relive it or you\’re not… and that\’s okay. Let the music speak for itself.”

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[album artist: Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design]
Days Before The World Wept track listing: 1) Remnants in Time 2) Immaculate Deception 3) Resurrection 4) Feast on the Living 5) Days Before the World Wept Days Before The World Wept will be available in the following formats: -CD Jewelcase -1LP Gatefold Black -Digital Album THE AGONIST is: Vicky Psarakis – Vocals / Piano Danny Marino – Guitar Pascal Jobin – Guitar Chris Kells – Bass Simon McKay – Drums