Affector- Harmageddon

\"\" by Hans Jaeger Affector is a progressive metal act formed within the last two years that is attempting to blend symphonic-orchestra with a more contemporary metal. This becomes apparent with the opening track, “Overture pt 1: Introduction,” which features The Polish Orchestra. Harmagedon, their freshman record, is a well-crafted concept album. The overall composition, musically, is full of high and low points. Flowing between the two seems almost effortless for the band. They tend to hit heavier sections throughout the introductions and solos, letting the music fall as the lyrics come in for a softer side. One section I must point out is a particularly beautiful acoustic section in “Cry Song”. While the acoustic guitar is playing in the background the bass becomes the focus momentarily. Harmagedon, from beginning to end is the story of the rapture, with the lyrics being heavily influenced by, if not all, direct quotes from the King James Bible. The album does do a nice job, however, of putting together verses that strike a certain balance between the imagery you might normally be able to associate with metal but still telling the story without relying solely on the more brutal images. The only down side for me was in the traditional way of prog-metal- the solos are long and share a certain almost wizardry affect. They become slightly tedious at moments. Not that this is an entirely bad thing. In this vein of music this is an overall well down album, piecing together a nice balance of intricate solos, heavy hitting rhythms, and soft but beautiful lows points. The album as a whole is a well-balanced work of art. I would highly recommend this album for anyone who can appreciate a traditional prog-metal album. Rating: 7.5/10