Adrenaline Mob: Men of Honor review

There’s something about a band’s first album on a new label that often times brings out the best in a band or makes the record feel like the best they’ve done. Adrenaline Mob’s Century Media debut, Men of Honor, is just that- one of the best records they’ve put out yet. Forget the fact that Men of Honor is just their sophomore release. Forget the fact that they have newly-recruited bassist John Moyer (Disturbed) and AJ Pero (Twisted Sister). This is almost like a new band altogether with Mike Orlando and Russell Allen as the only two originals left in the band. The record opens with what can only be described as one of the most epic drum-to-guitar solos recently recorded by anyone to open up an album and it’s clear Adrenaline Mob are here to make a statement on their debut with Century Media. This has everything you’d expect from an Adrenaline Mob record plus more. They’ve really expanded upon their sound from Omertà and have really come into their own as a band. Adrenaline Mob may be classified as a supergroup but that title can sometimes take away from a band’s overall accomplishments and talent because, well, let’s be honest- most supergroups don’t last very long. With Men of Honor, Adrenaline Mob are making a strong statement and their message is obvious- they’re not going anywhere, they’re here to stay, and they’re ready to become one of the top metal bands in the business today. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards