Adler- Back From the Dead review

\"\" by Reggie Edwards For awhile Steven Adler looked like he would end up as the only original member of Guns n Roses not still being successful. You’d only catch his name in the news for his substance abuse and crazy comments. We can forget all of that now, with Adler’s new band- simply named Adler, which he formed with Lonny Paul, Johnny Martin and Jacob Bunton- a band that will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. The band’s debut record, justly titled Back From the Dead, is by-far one of the best records released in 2012 and will rank right up at the top with GnR band member debuts. The title, which is no coincidence, rings ever-so-true of Adler’s career and the record takes it even further. The opening track (which is also the title track) is almost like a narrative about Adler’s rise from the ashes. Then take in songs like “My Own Worst Enemy,” lead single “The One that You Hated,” ballad “Waterfall,” “Habit” and a number of other songs and you’ve got one outstanding album. Produced by Adler, Jay Ruston and Jeff Pilson (Dokken), Mixed by Jay Ruston and with guest musicians in Pilson, Slash and John 5 (Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson) and Michael Lord, this is some of Steven Adler’s best work to date. Rating: 9/10