Adelitas Way: Deserve This review

It\’s been just under a year since Adelitas Way graced us with Stuck– the follow-up to their highly-successful Home School Valedictorian album. An album which spawned numerous hits, the expectations for a follow-up were high and mighty and people wondered if the band could write something that came anywhere near as close. The answer was yes and came in the form of Stuck. While the album was a stellar release, the band toured in support of it and then announced not long after that they\’d be hitting the studio yet again and releasing an EP and maybe even a full-length not long after. The EP has since been released and comes to us in the form of Deserve This– a short, five-track record that, although not long, is as powerful as anything the band has done up to this point and continues the progression Adelitas Way have been working on since their inception. While Stuck saw the band experimenting with some new elements and sounds, Deserve This goes back to the straight-up in-your-face rock roots that we\’ve heard on their first few records. Lyrically, they\’ve always taking the blue-collar approach, writing songs that the everyday rock fan can relate to and that\’s what\’s made them so loved among rock fans. On this album, the title track and “Filthy Heart” are the two that people will be able to relate to the most. Then there\’s “I Get Around,” which should be an instant radio hit. With Deserve This, Adelitas Way have done what they do best and written a kick-ass rock record. They\’ve also proven that it doesn\’t matter how short or how long an album is- whether it be an EP or a full-length, a good song is a good song and a good album is a good album. This is Adelitas Way at their best. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards