Adage: Defined review

Bands like Seether, Chevelle and Three Days Grace are often described as radio rock. This subgenre of rock is one of the most popular in the industry today and is an easy catch-on for fans. With lyrics fans can easily relate to, a good band can stick around for decades. The latest band set and primed to make its mark is Adage, who’s latest EP, Defined, is almost guaranteed to be a winner. Opening with “Anymore,” Adage have the aggression and anger-fueled lyrics that will instantly make them a hit. They slow it down a bit with the pace-changer “Best Of,” which shows just how much dimension and versatility Adage have. “Hold On” is the standout track and should be a home run for anyone who listens. It has the anthemic vibe to it that will find its way into your cerebral cortex, make itself at home and never leave. As if that wasn’t enough the metal beating continues with “Growing Colder” and “Be Myself,” which close the EP on a high note and solidify Adage as a band that should become one of the next big newcomers in rock. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards