Abberation Nexus review

It’s more than likely that you’ve not heard of Aberration Nexus as the creator, Chris Meyer, has been squirreling away putting the final touches to his most recent EP, Libro Lacet, for a while now. To put it in some perspective though, Aberration Nexus is a one man symphonic black metal band from Australia, formed out of a singular vision of malignant, sonic darkness. Stating that Aberration Nexus was “spawned by a hatred of man and an even greater hatred of the pitiful religions he so clearly clings to”, this is music to accompany the end of the world – simple as. Going on to say that “no one will be spared in the days of the Great Cataclysm” and that “your prayers are empty, nothing will save you”, it’s apparent from the off that this isn’t music for the more light hearted fans out there. Armed with 5 tracks of pure hatred, designed to be the last thing you hear before reaching the inevitable conclusion of life, Aberration Nexus is about to set out to destroy the light, plunging the world into a new era, plagued by darkness, and where the only sounds are the dark and terrifying notes on offer. The opening moments of Rite Of Eternal Dominion certainly seem to usher in a new plain of being, luring you in through soft yet ominous piano lines, refusing to give away what’s really coming whilst creating a false sense of security. It’s only as Hawking comes into being that the true colours are revealed, launching the listener into a Berzerker-esque world of all out distortion, pain and destruction. Dark guitar lines work alongside the rolling drum work courtesy of Meyer, crafting a sound that’s terrifying, yet intriguing at the same time. This is an approach matched by Iconoclast Soliloquy, a track which continues the rampaging onslaught on offer here. Packed with power, destruction and enough distortion to level a city, it’s surprising that deep within the mix, there’s a serious sense of melody, something which manages to lift things to a new level, setting Aberration Nexus apart from the usual clichéd black metal we’re presented with. Continuing to push things beyond the realms of expectation through Burn The Book Of Lies and Graced With Darkness there’s simply no relenting, with Meyer pushing the potential of the tracks to the absolute maximum up until the final closing seconds. This ability to craft unrelenting tracks that aren’t just heavy, but are also clearly thought out and processed is what sets Aberration Nexus apart from the crowd, demonstrating a serious sense of complexity and thought, leaving an eternal stamp on the soul of anyone who hears it. Having heard Aberration Nexus several times in the past I’ve been lucky enough to hear the evolution of the sound on offer, and with Libro Lacet, we could be witnessing the best that Meyer has come up with yet. Rating: 9/10 Words: Dave Nicholls