68: In Humor and Sadness review

When The Chariot called it a day in 2013, we all wondered and waited to see what the future held for the members of the band. Fast forward less than a year to 2014 and it didn’t take long for frontman Josh Scogin to return with a release from his newest band- ‘68. Their debut full-length, In Humor and Sadness is exactly what you might expect from Scogin while going in a completely different direction at the same time. With just two members- Scogin on vocals and guitar while Michael McClelland sits behind the drum kit, ’68 is one hell of a powerful album for just two guys. The record features no song titles with each song simply titled “Track One,” “Track Two,” “Track Three” and so on through 10 songs. Song titles have always been an interesting subject for Scogin as those who followed The Chariot can attest to. With no song titles, it makes the listener see each song as more than that, you see each song as pure art and you dig deeper and listen closer with each passing track. ’68 is more melodic than Scogin’s previous bands Norma Jean and The Chariot but still keep that hardcore, chaotic, no holds barred sound. Vocally, Scogin is more melodic but also more rough and gritty than seen before. In the end, this is a release any Chariot fan will love and appreciate. If you love metal, pick it up too, you won’t be disappointed. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards