6\’10: The Humble Beginnings of a Rovin Soul review

Deep from within the gallows of Chicago comes 6\’10, the acoustic folk side project of Flatfoot 56 frontman Tobin Bawinkel and their debut full-length- The Humble Beginnings of a Rovin\’ Soul. With Flatfoot 56\’s high-paced organized chaos it can be hard to slow it down with that band and show your softer side and that\’s exactly what Bawinkel does with 6\’10- not to be confused with the Flatfoot song of the same name. Okay, so 6\’10 doesn\’t exactly slow things down. In fact, it\’s actually very fast-paced as well. With 6\’10 we have a lot of the same musical elements and lyrical influences we find in Flatfoot 56 but this gives Bawinkel an acoustic outlet and it\’s an impressive one at that. At 12 tracks, this isn\’t a horribly long album but it\’s not a short one either- for acoustic music it\’s just the right length and you won\’t be bored at any point while listening. Bawinkel\’s raspy vocals compliment the mandolins and acoustic guitar beautifully and perfectly. Lyrically this is just what the album title insinuates- humble. It\’s almost like going back in time and roaming the country side, sitting by a campfire. Throw in one of the strongest and most beautifully executed renditions of “It Is Well,” which has a knockout punch of female guest vocals and mandolins and it\’s just what the album needed to put it over the top. The Humble Beginnings of a Rovin\’ Soul is one that will have you clapping, dancing around and singing along in no time. It\’s a record that will stand the test of time and is one which Bawinkel and company should be proud of as it\’s creative and musical bliss. Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards