Motorhead: Aftershock review

\"Aftershock\"There are few things in life you can depend on, but anytime Motorhead releases a new album, it is guaranteed to be something special. After nearly 40 years in the business, touring and recording, Lemmy and company have amassed one of the most illustrious and well respected careers in heavy metal. Their newest opus, Aftershock, is the band’s 21st studio album and is a testament to Lemmy’s unwavering commitment to never change or bow down to current trends. It is that stubbornness that has allowed the band to remain current without ever being redundant. Aftershock continues that long standing if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it tradition and maintains the heaviness set forth by The World Is Yours, while paying homage to the classic Motorhead sound. Aftershock features a wealth of unpretentious and flawlessly crafted songs with a bevy of catchy choruses. It is a no holds barred rock n roll record that starts off strong and never lets up. Guitarist Phil Campbell is at the top of his game and drummer Mikkey Dee has offered up some of his best playing since his King Diamond days. At age 67 and after 50 years of chain smoking and drinking whiskey daily, Lemmy’s voice is more grizzled than ever. The rumbling bass line that oozes from Lemmy’s vintage Rickenbacker on opener “Heratbreaker” is very reminiscent of “Iron Fist.” The stripped down bluesy feel of “Lost Women Blues” is more akin to Lemmy’s days in Hawkwind rather than Motorhead. The breakneck speed and driving double kick drum in “End of Time” sounds like Motorhead classics “Bomber” or “Overkill” while the smoking groove of “Do You Believe” will bring to mind “I’m So Bad Baby I Don’t Care.” Here’s the bottom line- Lemmy is a heavy metal icon and he won’t be giving up his permanent seat at the Rainbow Bar & Grille anytime soon. Besides, if anyone could outlive God, it would be Lemmy right? Trick question sucker…Lemmy is God! Rating: 9 out of 10. -Eric Hunker