SOiL: Whole review

\"WholeSOiL is back and better than ever with their new album Whole which drops August 20 via Pavement Entertainment and AFM Records. Original lead singer Ryan McCombs reunites with the band after a stint as the singer for Drowning Pool. Also joining McCombs, are original members Tim King (bass)  and Adam Zadel(guitar) who have been with the band since the beginning. The new album goes back to the classic sounds of SOil, which isn’t a bad thing because the band’s critically acclaimed albums Scars and rocked something heavy. Another great aspect that makes Whole sound amazing is the producing effort by Ulrich Wild, who has worked with SOil in the past as well as bands such as White Zombie, Stabbing Westward, and Static-X. Whole is one of those albums that you can listen to from beginning to end and just keep listening over and over. And it’s like the band hasn’t lost a step, almost like McCombs never left the band. Whole is definitely a great follow up to Halo and For the dedicated fans of SOil, fans of rock music, and even music critics check out Whole. It’s  really worth listening to and it is one of the better rock album’s that has been released within the past couple of years. Rating: 10/10 -Philip Coon